“Right On The Button”

A files on computerized tax returns titled “Right On The Button”, created by the IRS and released in 1966. Includes some great retro computing shots and this sign:


Nuclear Explosion

Strange, super-minimalistic raw film of a test nuclear explosion from 1953.  After several minutes of flickering gray and quiet ambient sound, the blast fills the screen all-white, then receeds to a silent, washed-out mushroom cloud.  This is followed nearly a minute later by a sharp, dull blast sound (since the speed of sound is much slower than light).  The video concludes with several minutes of gray clouds.

Via: Nuclear Secrecy blog

“Good Riddance” in “Dead Pool”

Watched the third Dirty Harry movie last night called “The Dead Pool“.  It’s from 1988, so it has a completely different feel than the first two.  Included in that are the weird jokes that pop up.  During a newscast, in the teleprompter you can see the words “Good night… and good riddance!”

Elliot Stabler’s Eyes

In a rare and interesting moment, an episode of “Law & Order: SVU” where the camera is not in the third person, but a POV shot.  Seen through Elliot Stabler’s eyes, while wearing glasses.  A strange moment of internalization on a show that is has such a clear sense of style.

Season 9, Episode 7.