Render: Microscopic Dust


A cleaned up 3D reconstruction of a piece of dust, digitized using an electron microscope. Rendered in glossy pink plastic, because why not?

Dust Slicing

A microscopic piece of dust, sliced by a focused ion beam inside an electron microscope. The dust is coated in a one-micron-thick layer of pure platinum to “seal” it in place before slicing. Created at the Center for Multiscale Imaging at Stevens Institute of Technology.

Encapsulated Dust


A piece of microscopic dust sitting on a CD-R, encapsulated in a 1-micron-thick layer of pure platinum to seal it in place.

Sliced Dust Particle


Above: a microscopic dust particle from the surface of a CD-ROM.

Below: the piece of dust, sliced with a “focused ion beam” device. In front of it is a trench cut by the beam as it slices the particle. The slices are imaged and will be reconstructed into a 3D model of the particle.