Monitor Calibration Report


In the box of my new monitor: a report on color and grayscale brightness. Since I got two monitors, I can verify (for nerds like me who really enjoy algorithmically-generated objects like this) that this isn’t canned but actually unique to the monitor.

Crumpled Microfilm


An amazing image via my colleague Alex Wellerstein: a muster roll for the USS Growler from 1963, crumpled up before being shot to microfilm. If I had to choose, I think I like glitched data the best.

Thanks Alex for the image (via US National Archives and Records Administration).

Drive Speed and Distance Light Travels

CPU< 0.4 nanoseconds0.12 meters
RAM12 nanoseconds3.5 meters
Hard-drive7 milliseconds2098 km (about the same distance as Munich to Moscow)

(from my notes archive)

Every URL on Law & Order


Det. Rey Curtis, checking his email in the first episode to mention ‘cyberspace’.

Thanks to a generous commission from Rhizome, I’ve been watching a lot of Law & Order. Below is a list of every URL mentioned in or shown onscreen during the show. When shown onscreen, the case of the URL is preserved (i.e.:  instead of ).

General Electric (which own NBC) sits on nearly all these domains, thought most have no content. See the link for a Whois lookup. It is worth noting that is available, for some unbelievable reason. It appears that the domain was registered by someone named Ray Hughes the day after this list was posted. Sorry everyone, you missed out!

In order of appearance on the show, an * denotes the domain is owned by NBC or General Electric, its former parent company:

Interested in more Law & Order esoterica? See my breakdown of gender and computer counts on the show.

Artsy Genes

The “genes” used by Artsy to categorize artworks, likely a great resource for an upcoming project (click for full-sized image). Note the image is from August 2012, so the list has likely be updated.

Via: Artsy