Totally obsessed with the idea of inpainting, used to reconstruct and remove items from images automatically. I’m especially in love with the glitchy, Predator-esque ghosting that remains.

This is very easy to accomplish with OpenCV and a few lines of code – here I’ve run this with a radius of 5px. The results are actually pretty usable, especially in busy or small areas of the image.


The very simple code to run everything:

And here’s the same input, but with a really weird, blobby, random mask:


h/t Miriam Redi

Flickr “Magic View”


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wp-image-6058″ src=”” alt=”FlickrMagicView_VehicleBike-web” width=”660″ height=”219″ />

Images via Flickr’s image-recognition auto-tagging system called “Magic View”.

Recognizing The iPhone


I’m spending the month of July in Utrecht, Netherlands as artist-in-residence at Impakt, working on a project to let computers recognize other computers. For early testing, I’ve trained a computer vision “cascade file” (above) for recognizing front-facing iPhones.

The resulting cascade files, like above, will be released as a printed book, as well as on GitHub.

Collection File App


A screenshot of a little Processing app for marking objects in photographs. The app saves a “cascade file” for use in training OpenCV. In-progress version is on GitHub.