Television Detector Vans

Television detector vans in the UK (used to enforce television licenses though there’s some dispute about whether the vans actually worked or were just a deterrent).

From top to bottom: 1950s Hillman Minx detector car and van, 1980s Dodge detector van.

Dodge Keyfob Clicks


A plot of the ~315MHz clicks my Dodge remote keyfob makes. Each button-press makes five rapid clicks, one pattern for lock and the reverse for unlock.

(Click image for a higher-res view.)

Junk Mail/Artist Book


An amazing thing arrived unsolicited in the mail yesterday. It included the above items: a fake email printout from a boss to a sales person telling them to buy my car, a fake handwritten note at the bottom to me, and a fake handwritten note on fake legal pad paper.

It’s pretty easy to see through this and realize it’s junk mail, but the overall complexity of the package, the way my name and the make/model of my car is integrated, makes for a pretty amazing object. This will certainly be added to my collection of algorithmically-generated artist books and ephemera.