Real 9px Images





More early 9px camera results, this time “real” data (ie: not random analog fluctuations but actual sensor readings) through an old 35mm SLR lens.

Early 9px Tests









Some early tests for an experimental digital camera: light sensors > Arduino > saved as BMP files on an SD card/displayed in real-time on an array of LEDs.

Refined Webcam View Camera

With a new, sandblasted piece of plexi (instead of hand-sanded), more images from what I am now calling the Webcam View Camera (35mm lens projecting onto a piece of ground plexi, picked up by a cheap webcam, captured by screen-grab).

Camera Experiments

Continuing experiments for a camera project; the above images are captured by a 35mm SLR lens, projecting onto frosted plexiglass, and picked up by a cheap webcam.  The top is a toolbox across my studio, the bottom a fluke image captured when opening the box the assembly was housed in.