Real 9px Images





More early 9px camera results, this time “real” data (ie: not random analog fluctuations but actual sensor readings) through an old 35mm SLR lens.

Early 9px Tests









Some early tests for an experimental digital camera: light sensors > Arduino > saved as BMP files on an SD card/displayed in real-time on an array of LEDs.

ZIF Arduino

I’m very excited about my Arduino mod to have a ZIF (zero insert force) socket from SparkFun instead of the regular IC socket.  Since I have a big project coming up where I will not only need to upload sketches to lots of ATMega chips but the bootloader as well, this will be way easier!  Sure, I could build a separate board to do the work, but this is easier… and pink!

The socket fits OK in the Arduino’s IC socket; the spacing seems a bit off resulting in the socket not being in all the way (and it seems like it might want to pop out).  But a few test opening and closing the socket and everything seems stable.  And, for $3 I can handle a little wonky-ness…