Growing Shell Forms: Progress

More progress “growing” heatsink shells – each of these is built up using successive images in Processing, then converted using Fiji (similar to how an MRI can be turned into a 3D model). They’re then cleaned up and rendered in Rhino.

The fingers will act as heatsink fins, drawing up heat. Spirals, concentric circles, and various parameters for random growth change the form.

Experimenting with sharp fins at the top.

0s/1s Mockup




Renderings of measuring devices in an oak case – if each square formed a pyramid to the center of the earth, the enclosed shape would contain 1 gram of soil for every 0/1 on my hard drive.

Small Chair/Stool



Designing some small chair/stools today; will be CNC-cut from birch plywood and used in a performance with human computers.