Every since the Radiohead song of the same name popped up in my iTunes shuffle today, I’m feeling the telex love. Above is the Siemens T100 machine which, if anyone is wondering what to get my for my birthday, this would be it 😊


Another shot of the T100.


A Siemens and Halske “fast-acting type printing telegraph; average 2000 characters in a minute” from 1905.


And a German stamp from 1953 celebrating the telex.


2 Replies to “Telex”

  1. Dear Sir,

    I am the owner of a Telex of the brand Siemens.

    My dad has spent his entire career at Siemens and he was deeply attached to the Group. This machine spans the entire history of telecommunications. My father bought it certainly or maybe the telex was going to be scrapped and he recovered it and brought it at home. My father would have liked to propose it to a museum for example or an association or any other organization but unfortunately he did not have enough time to do it before dying.

    Now we have to separate ourselves from this object because of moving.

    As far as I can see from the articles I’ve read about you, I understand that you are very much interested in this type of machines :-)

    I can send you some pictures of this precious treasure.

    Would you be interested in its acquisition ? I would be delighted if our telex was possessed, after us, by a passionate man that would take care of it like my father would have done.

    I look forward to hearing from you very soon.

    Yours sincerely

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