Large Hole Punch




I needed a hole punch capable of reaching deep into large material for punching center holes in vinyl record blanks. Unfortunately, the longest reach of any hand-activated punch I could find was just 3″. So I built this (admittedly overkill) hole punch.

It uses precision-ground, hardened steel drill bushings and drill rod, making holes that are very precise and tooling that will stand up to a lot of use. Since the bushings are 1/2″ outer diameter, I can easily swap them out to cut a variety of sizes as needed. This design is based on this little set from Micro Mark.

The BOM, in case you’d like to build your own:

3/4" plywood for base and top die(varies)
Drill bushing – 9/32" ID, 1/2" OD, 3/4" long9.502
Drill rod – 9/32" x 4.25"5.261
Steel rod for locating pins – can be any size you have on hand(varies)2
Rubber feet under base (OPTIONAL)(varies)4

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