Electron Microscope


I was fortunate enough this week to visit the Stevens Laboratory for Multiscale Imaging, home to the campus’ electron microscope. Generously, they offered for me to make some images on the microscope. I brought in small (12mm square) samples of a hard-drive platter (above), a small 3D print and a CD-R. More images after the break; a full set of images and process photos here.


The microscope with my samples inside.


A small 3D print – because the PLA builds up electrons, we had to coat the print in a two-nanometer-thick coating of 99.999% pure gold.


Thin grooves on the surface of a CD-R.


A dirt particle on the surface of a CD-R. Since the microscope is also equipped with an ion cutting beam, we may be able to slice dirt like this and reconstruct a 3D model of it, just like an MRI.

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