Every Phone Number in the “Phone Losers Association Zine Collection”

Fans of phreaking probably know about the Phone Losers Association, which published an online BBS zine about the now lost art of phone hacking. You can download the entire zine collection, which includes 451 phone numbers, listed below.

These were pulled using some regex magic:

The numbers could probably be checked against a database like OpenCNAM to see if any are still valid, but I didn’t want to pay $10 (their minimum) just to find out.

Here’s a bit of the list, all of which is after the break:


3 Replies to “Every Phone Number in the “Phone Losers Association Zine Collection””

  1. You left out all the Roy, New Mexico phone numbers from issue #33! Probably because there were no area codes on them. I’m pretty sure all the BBS numbers are dead now.

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