The Tell (Grid Remix: Sonnets)

A random walk (up, right, down, left) through Shakespeare’s sonnets from a random starting position:

The tell.
The the the that thou that make, make and, might bear might might heir heir, tender heir heir might say stop.
Stop stop.
Posterity stop beauty’s beguile churl tender churl mak’st waste.

Mak’st warm warm lies abundance.
Where thy.
And content content thy buriest, buriest thy content and old art buriest.
Art old.
Thy not renewest thou dost beguile.

Beguile dost thou in trenches trenches renewest trenches deep deep his self lusty days lusty self his deep deep dig of of of of of of treasure tomb of his deep not not thou thou not thou not thy old and see famine where abundance blood blood thy thy blood churl mak’st the beguile the mak’st waste world thy thou thy thou thou posterity, stop beauty’s beguile beguile churl tender churl blood churl.
Blood blood.
Abundance, lies couldst but.
Couldst couldst answer couldst couldst.
Thou couldst answer answer as as lies fond will will be will where lies beauty but die thy, beauty lies as the as lies beauty, but couldst lies lies thy.
When waste world thy field field.
Posterity stop.
Stop posterity within say stop posterity field thy thy world world unbless in unbless.
Unbless youth’s thy field the beguile the field thy.
Thou art own own deep deep, sunken.
Thou proving his beauty his proving world’s proving his contracted eyes contracted his.


Beauty ornament and only and only that only herald thine succession.
Succession thine this were the to to this.
To the to herald face thee thee and thee.
Thee face, should should face face herald herald to to this this.

This eyes shame eyes this.
Thine this this were, were to thy light’s light’s thy to gaudy the to the to.
Should when forty form another winters.
Shall winters shall besiege.

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