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  1. Jeff –

    have been using your theme since i found it a year ago, but the latest release (1.6.6) breaks it. Can you possibly update or help me to help myself update it?

    The IDE simply crashes out if i try and use the theme.


  2. I love the look of your IDE up here in the picture, but the version on github is a lot different and not as nice as it is here?

    Do you have the original like in the picture here as well. (I especially need the high contrast on the comments).

    And the download the whole thing here link is no longer working.

  3. Yes, it was somewhat quickly updated and uses the colors from the built-in “dark” theme. I can definitely make the comments lighter. Any other suggestions? (Link fixed as well.)

  4. Thanks for the quick reply!
    Do you still have your original coloring like in the image above? I would like that color scheme more.
    Now i made one myself but because of my own knowledge i made it in html and connected to Arduino using php.

  5. Jeff i downloaded your ide and all ok, but the numbers in my programation (delays, etc…) still have the white/gray colour, could you explain me how i can change it to yellow?

    Numbers looks gray, i want to change it to yellow.
    Forgive me for that maybye stupid question, but i started using arduino since 2 months and i don’t know how to do some things.

  6. Your English makes perfect sense! You’ll have to dig around in the theme.txt file, but you should be able to change numbers there. Just make a change and restart the Arduino IDE to see the change take effect.

  7. Jeff could we please have a private conversation by email?
    I need you to solve one problem with the theme.txt file

  8. Hello Jeffrey! Thanks a lot for this, for a guy who is used to using Sublime, this was so much better for my eyes. Thank you!

  9. I finally found the solution Jeff.
    I just donwloaded the last version of arduino and it worked well.
    In 1.6.6 makes some issues, and i changed the code when i had it, but i wasted lots of time doing it.
    Thanks for all, your ide helps me understand the programation better.

    Forgive my english please.

  10. Sweet!!! My eyes went “Ahhhhh” when I 1st opened code using your theme. It was like a cool splash of water on a hot summer day. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  11. I installed it in Windows 7, to make it work, I copied the .svg files from the original theme, this is awesome!

  12. I have yourdark theme installed on my Windows machine and love it. Now I’m trying to install it on my mac and can not find the folder you specified.
    Hopefully I’m missing something.

  13. Hello, my name is Yohanes, and I want to thank you for this theme, it rocks!

    However, i encounter a small issue, that is the buttons (compile, upload, new, etc.) is not changed to the ones that appear on your screenshot, i.e. becoming grey, but on mine, they’re still in the old color scheme.

    I would appreciate so much if you can help me troubleshoot this issue :).

    I eagerly anticipate your response regarding this.

    Thank you very much, good day!

  14. Thank you so much for this theme! I have poor vision and it’s impossible to see code properly using the default theme. You have saved me from eye-strain headaches!

    Thanks! You rock!

  15. @Cosme – I did a quick translate of your comment, so I think I know what you’re asking. If you want to use Sublime Text with Arduino, I would suggest posting to the Arduino forums.

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