iPhone Stethoscope Attachment Finished

UPDATE: after quite a few tests, I’ve released a new version of the stethoscope attachmentdownload it here, have it printed here. Watch for a write-up and audio samples soon.

It’s done!  After some more wrangling with shrinkage, my stethoscope attachment for the iPhone is complete.  The MakerBot-printed piece slides onto the bottom of the phone and the stethoscope tube runs inside, allowing you to record sounds directly into the iPhone’s mics.

The part was printed in two pieces and welded together with plastic cement (which worked great on the MakerBot ABS).  The fit is tight but doesn’t feel like it would damage the phone’s surfaces.

The sound is piped into the two mics by an internal chamber. Note the stop at the bottom hole – this prevents the stethoscope tube from being inserted too far and blocking the sound! Total build time was around 40-minutes per half, or about 90 minutes total counting GCode generation.

Files to be uploaded to Thingiverse later today
Now available for download on Thingiverse!

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  1. I would like to know what it would cost. I am currently doing a research project to work toward improving home care for home bound elderly.
    Chairman Family Medicine
    St. Josephs, Paterson N.J.

  2. The 3d-printed part from Shapeways is about $35; the stethoscope varies but you could probably use whatever is on hand (I’m using a rather inexpensive one that was probably $10 with decent results).

  3. I need a stethoscope attachement for an iPhone 4 and one for an iPhone 5. The one posted on Thingaverse doesn’t seem like it would fit either. Can you help?

  4. It should work on both, thought I’ve only tested it on the 4. There are actually 2 versions on Thingiverse now – one is in two pieces that need to be glued/welded together, the other is solid but can’t be printed on a MakerBot.

  5. Hello
    I’m interessed in your project
    I’m currently writing an article for a blog about iPhone and medecine and your project is interesting
    I let you my mail

    Dr Alexis Astruc
    Paris – France

  6. Hello,

    interesting product … also for deprived regions
    I’m building a database of all mHealth products (worldwide)
    do you also have an APP for it?
    Do you sell these slide-on’s? Could you add a nipple for the tubing ?

    best regards,


  7. Hi Jeff,
    Where can I get one of these, and how much? I’m currently working on a huge art project and am needing a recording of my own heartbeat for it. How fast would I be able to receive it?


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