Collision Detection Functions for Processing Released!

UPDATE: these functions have been updated and moved to GitHub

Released today, version 0.9 of my 2d collision detection functions for Processing!

While some tools already exist, like the excellent Box2D, the source code is not easy to understand and the implementation is a bit complex. Other examples (equally great), like the line-line collision in the toxiclibs collection, use vector math which isn’t great for us “creative programmers” (ie: those like me who got bad grades in high school math).

Instead, these tools can be used as simple, one-line commands to determine whether two objects have collided. Designed for simple games and interactive systems, they are intended to be building blocks for larger projects.

Functions include:

  • Point/Point
  • Point/Rect
  • Point/Ball
  • Rect/Rect
  • Ball/Ball
  • Ball/Rect
  • Point/Line
  • Line/Line
  • Ball/Line

Download here via Google Project Hosting

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