Sounds of nuclei

An interesting, if diffcult to understand, article on listening to the nuclei of atoms using NMR Spectroscopy by Prof. Dr. Water Bauer at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.  While the science is complicated, the electronics to listen in are not.

How difficult is it to modify an existing spectrometer for auditory FID monitoring? If you are familiar with electronics it takes not more than half an hour of soldering and wiring.

According to the block diagram, just splice in two wires and plug them into a stereo.  Of course, you need the machine above, but who doesn’t have one of those, right?  The sound below is CH3CHO (found in coffee and ripe fruit, and is believed to be the chemical that causes hangovers), sampled four different times.

Via: Auditory Presentation of Free Induction Decay (FID) Signals Generated by NMR Spectrometers

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